LEE MIN HO drama list 1998-2014


Year Title # of Epis. Role Rating
2012 Faith 24 Main Role General Choi Young 8.43
2011 City Hunter 20 Main Role Lee Yoon Sung 8.79
2010 Personal Taste 16 Main Role Jeon Jin Ho 7.85
2009 Boys Before Flowers 25 Main Role Goo Joon Pyo 8.18
2007 I Am Sam 16 Supporting Role Heo Mo Se 6.58

Mackerel Run 8 Main Role Cha Gong Chan 6.51
2006 Secret Campus 24 Main Role Park Doo Hyun 6.83
2004 Nonstop 5 257 Guest Role 7.64
Soonpoong Clinic 340 Supporting Role Jung Bae N/A


Year Title Role Rating
2008 Our School E.T Supporting Role Oh Sang Hoon 6.89
2008 Public Enemy Returns Guest Role Jung Ha Yeon (cameo) 6.73


76 Responses to LEE MIN HO drama list 1998-2014

  1. soxy says:

    Lee Min Ho is the best

  2. dhsj says:

    hai lee min ho

  3. priya says:

    he is a excellent actor . . .i love u lee min ho . . .will u marry me. . . ?

  4. asen says:

    i wanna to ask a question ,please
    there is a second season for boys over flowers

  5. micha elena says:

    i love koreans

  6. yoyo says:

    leeminho you a the best keep up the standard u rock sunbae.lol

  7. honey says:

    i love all u movies,they re all so cute and loveable.am looking forward to more of those.

  8. abiodun says:

    Keep up the good work lee min ho, your so good @ wat you do

  9. jemini says:

    hi i am from manipur a state of india as a teacher i am very happy with ur role in mackeral role.also my son of three years old wants to see whatever posed u have in boys over flower.ok good luck

  10. erinee grace contreras says:

    I love lee min ho so much..how i wish to be part of his team staff..

  11. praddy says:

    Lee minhoo…..I am seriously in love with you….the way u smile I liked thd most in you…..god bless …and I have watched all ur serial
    …plzzz soon come with ur new season …and I must say…..faith is the ultimate season ….and u acted so good in ig…I luv u alot…
    muuaah…:* :*

  12. Rendastar says:

    Looking forward to supporting role in Flower and Sword and Heirs.

  13. In fact oppa lee min ho you are so impress me keep it on

  14. free2rhym says:

    he’s just an exceptional actor,full of actions and beauty..Lee Min Ho

  15. arisa victor says:

    lee min ho.am ya bigest fan 4rm nigeria.aigoo!luv ur movie city hunter nd personal taste

  16. Oyinkan says:

    Good actor

  17. vanessa says:

    i am a major fan of lee min ho

  18. Jennifer says:

    You are the best. I wish you were my brother

  19. Pearl says:

    I love u Lee Min Ho!!

  20. zoe says:

    i love lee min ho

  21. Andu says:

    am impress by lee min ho

  22. Andu says:

    is very talented and he is bless with so many gift….like pretty lady always fall for him.

  23. Tracy Akin says:

    al so kul

  24. Helden pindar says:

    I realy like his actings


  26. Gift francis says:

    I like to watch lee min ho drama so much is there any way i can contact him i want to say hello to him anyone who can help me with his number pls text me +2348032235515

  27. Nalah Jimmy says:

    Wow! His drsmalist is cool, i like all his movies especially boys over flowers i would like to hear everything about him

  28. williams damilola says:

    love dis page

  29. Ur movies re cul guy lmh

  30. LILIAN DANIEL says:

    li love lee min ho,his my favourite korean actor…..FIGHTING!!

  31. Muhammad Auwal Aminu says:

    fantastic page

  32. I love Lee min ho so much am a big fan he is my role model am from Nigeria

  33. lee u are the best ur movies realy admire me hw u dress,talk and beave i realy lk u imja!

  34. lovina says:

    hi min ho lee i so lyk ur way of acting stay turn. An lok cute 4 me an dnt b rude 2 ur frnds.(fighting)

  35. HANNAH SHOW says:


  36. miracle says:

    I luv watching ur movies lee min ho oppa!keep it up!

  37. vanessa says:

    I love watching your movies they are interesting keep it up

  38. irene says:

    U r a rocking star Lee min ho
    Luv yo dramaz

  39. Keisha Gore says:

    #1 FAN!!!!!!

  40. park fiz hye says:

    annyeongseyo oppa,i really lyk ur dramas..you are rili handsome,oppa..rili wish to meet you..u inspire me..kamsamnida!

  41. Adeniyi omowumi damilola says:

    This is the real amazone called amazing ‘lee min ho’

  42. solomon says:

    Ur So cute in acting,realy luv ur films

  43. Vivian says:

    Star actor

  44. gold says:

    Lee min ho oppa, you are really d best

  45. Lolar says:

    I love korea movies

  46. racheal says:

    i cant just kw y i lyk ur films

  47. Rinzin Dema says:

    I love Lee Min Ho……and always looking forward to watch his dramas and films…..You are just so amazing and loving……………<3

  48. Annakhere says:

    I love yr movies lee oppa

  49. Annakhere says:

    You are the best,.if possible i will marry you

  50. honey says:

    saranghea oppa xoxo

  51. Kim jang an says:

    L love lee seung gi and lee min ho who wants to know who l like better

  52. christiana says:

    lee min ho i really love your movies

  53. Okoye chizoba joan says:

    All his movies that i have watched are really,really interesting.it do make my day.

  54. Ann says:

    I love lee min ho

  55. shimmu says:

    love u lee min ho

  56. Mahlet hailemichael says:

    I love u lee min ho

  57. ONIKA FAITH says:

    I love all of his movies.buh how can i get his recent movies

  58. ONIKA FAITH says:

    Gooluck in everything u do.

  59. Success T says:

    I really like the way you act, your posture even your steps. Lee min ho.

  60. Ramya says:

    hi lee… i m a great fan of u … i like the way u carry the attitude of your character. u r awesome

  61. Fatai malik jumong says:

    U ar a charmin boy who every woman luv bt ar a litle behind my sunbae #SONG IL GOOK

  62. I really luv u oppa.u re d best.dont stop acting.sarahe oppa

  63. Azeezah says:

    Wishing u d best

  64. eden gizat says:

    If u were God every one will prey for u,for sure

  65. charming says:


  66. Agnes says:

    I realy like your movies min ho and i have also fallen in love with your smile

  67. oliver debra says:

    We are looking forward for your next movie

  68. You are one of the actors I really adore and admire. Every character you are handling seems to be existing, you caught everyone’s heart. A big fan from the Philippines… saranghae ❤

  69. Gansiami Marak says:

    Love u all ways lee min ho<3<3

  70. nyang says:

    you are the best oppa i wish to see u soon

  71. tobore says:

    i love your movies i wish to see u soon oppa

  72. I’ll be waiting 4u….

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